The Bijou Story


Bijou first began in the small, idyllic region of Cabrières located in the Languedoc, France.

The village, which has a rich history in the context of wine production, is encapsulated by the mighty Pic de Vissou, an extinct volcano. The soils are schist heavy and packed with marine fossil all of which gives the wines from Cabrières and its vineyards a very distinct flavour profile and quality.

Bijou have established winemaking partnerships in the South of France from Languedoc to Provence. The wines include Le Bijou de Sophie Valrose, Ciel de Lilac, Sauvage en Provence, Abraxas, Le Chic and Lava and Magma .


Bijou Wines are also available in other formats such as magnum, 37.5 ml, 18.75 ml PET and 1.5L Pouch.


Gold: Gilbert & Gaillard 2018

Gold: China Wine & Spirits Association 2018

Gold: Concours de Macon 2017

Gold: Foire d’Avignon 2017

Gold: Concours Général Agricole Paris 2016. – The CGA annually receives over 15,000 entries of which only 3500 are lucky enough to receive a medal and far less receive the accolade of a Gold

Silver: Drinks Business Global Rosé Masters 2016

Bronze: International Wine Challenge 2018

Gorilla Wines


Gorilla Wines are an easy way to understand and be intrigued by indigenous Italian grape varieties. Our varietals come from the sunniest regions of Puglia and Sicily which makes them burst with a flavour – balancing a lot of fruit and soft tannins.


The region of Puglia is surrounded on three sides by water and Sicily is an island off the toe of Italy. This means that mild breezes come in off the Mediterranean Sea and help to keep the vineyards at a moderate temperature. This allows our grapes to ripen gradually, which helps to produce wines with great depth of flavour and a crisp acidity.


All our wines are unoaked to preserve the natural fruit flavours of the varietals. Our wines are also capable of being enjoyed young due to the successful quality of our vines, the locations and our winemaking techniques.


Gorilla Conservation


Gorilla Wines help save the world’s remaining gorillas from extinction.

We support community-led conservation projects in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo that aim to protect the gorilla’s natural habitat and ultimately remove gorillas from the endangered species list.