The Bijou Story


Bijou first began in Cabrières, a tiny and idyllic region in the Languedoc-Roussillon just 30km north from the Mediterranean. This charming little village is dominated by the Pic de Vissou, an extinct volcano that provides the vineyards with very unique soil types. Bijou have since expanded production into Provence and several other locations across the South of France.

Their focus is and always has been to make truly authentic wines that are delicious, elegant and reflect the local terroir on which the grapes are grown. Thanks to the team of talented growers and winemakers, Bijou have achieved exactly that and share them with you throughout the world.

Bijou produces all types of wine – red, white, rosé and sparkling – but specialise in producing rosé wines that are pale in colour but full of character. They comprise the very best expression of the old and low-yielding Mediterranean grape varieties grown in their own unique regions. Bijou’s beautifully pale rosés are inspired by the delicate colours and perfumes of Provence and have flavours of strawberries and cream, raspberries and pink grapefruit. The whites have notable aromatics with floral, mineral and fruit notes whilst the reds showcase expert winemaking with ripe, well-integrated tannins and red berry flavours. Their wines also come in a variety of shapes and sizes from mini bottles to magnums; whatever the occasion there’s a Bijou wine for you.


90 points International Wine Challenge 2019 & 2018

5/5 Harpers Wine Stars 2018

Gold: Gilbert & Gaillard 2018

Gold: China Wine & Spirits Association 2018

Gold: Concours Général Agricole Paris 2016. – The CGA annually receives over 15,000 entries of which only 3500 are lucky enough to receive a medal and far less receive the accolade of a Gold

Bronze 87 points Decanter 2019

Gorilla Wines


Gorilla Wines are an easy way to understand and be intrigued by indigenous Italian grape varieties. Our varietals come from the sunniest regions of Puglia and Sicily which makes them burst with a flavour – balancing a lot of fruit and soft tannins.


The region of Puglia is surrounded on three sides by water and Sicily is an island off the toe of Italy. This means that mild breezes sweep in off the Mediterranean Sea and help to keep the vineyards at a moderate temperature. This allows our grapes to ripen gradually, which helps to produce wines with great depth of flavour and a crisp acidity.


All our wines are unoaked to preserve the natural fruit flavours of the varietals. Our wines are also capable of being enjoyed young due to the successful quality of our vines, the locations and our winemaking techniques.



Gorilla Conservation


Due to war, deforestation, poaching and viral infections, the Gorilla population has been in a dangerous decline; forced into smaller and smaller pockets of the forest. Gorilla Wines help save the world’s remaining gorillas from extinction.


Sales of our wines allow us to support community-led conservation projects in Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo. These projects aim to protect the gorilla’s natural habitat and ultimately remove gorillas from the endangered species list.