Bijou which began in the small, idyllic region of Cabrières, France.

The village, which has a rich history in the context of wine production, is encapsulated by the mighty Pic de Vissou, an extinct volcano. The soils are schist heavy and packed with marine fossil all of which gives Cabrières and its vineyards a very distinct flavour profile and quality.

Bijou have established winemaking partnerships from Languedoc to Provence. The wines include Le Bijou de Sophie Valrose, Cabrières, Le Chic, Coteaux de Béziers as well as Ciel de Lilac, Coteaux d’Aix en Provence.


Bijou is also available in magnum format.


Gold: Concours de Macon 2017

Gold: Foire d’Avignon 2017

Gold: Concours Général Agricole Paris 2016 The CGA annually receives over 15,000 entries of which only 3500 are lucky enough to receive a medal and far less receive the accolade of a Gold

Silver: Drinks Business Global Rosé Masters 2016

Gorilla Wines are an easy way to understand and be intrigued by indigenous italian grape varieties. Our varietals come from the sunniest regions of Puglia and Sicily which makes them burst with a flavour – balancing a lot of fruit and soft tannins.



Our winemaker was impressed by the quality of the wines in the Wellington area of the Cape Winelands that he started the Q.E.D. (Quod Erat Demonstrandum) project to demonstrate some people that the idea they had about the terroir was wrong.

Our vineyard owner, Julian Johnson, and winemaker, Matt Copeland, understood the importance of clay soils and cooler micro-climate to produce a merlot unlikely to have in any other country.


Santa Lucia was inspired by Saint Lucy, who was born in Sicily at a time when it was extremely dangerous to be a Christian in Italy.

Our tribute to her is a range of wines that includes Sicilian native varietals such as Nerello Mascalese and Venetian classics like Pinot Grigio. The Santa Lucia range incorporates some of the best grape varieties being grown in Italy today, grown in specific vineyard sites where each varietal is encouraged to reach its full potential.

Using ancient vineyards across the Languedoc-Roussillon to build on the heritage and tradition of the past, our winemaker had created something that is truly, modern, yet rooted in history.

Cooling south-westerly winds blow across the vineyards in the afternoon sweeping in from the Atlantic and keeping them 5 degrees cooler than the nearby appellations. This gives the grapes a slower ripening cycle and means that they develop greater complexity, good acid and structure.

The wines are selected from top vineyard sites on some of Spain’s most exciting and innovative vineyard regions. The Torre Roja range reflects both Spain’s wonderful indigenous varieties and some more international grapes,

 Due to the high altitude of the Jumilla region the Syrah grapes are exposed to more sunlight which helps the Garnacha, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah and  Tempranillo grapes to develop more concentrated flavours.

We have developed some delicious barrel-aged reserve wines for the best parcels of Tempranillo. We age each parcel individually to create the different styles of wine.


We work with some of the best producers in Campania and Puglia.

We have selected a small range of wines and very characterful grape varieties that we consider represent the very best of the South and have brought them together under the canopy of Villa Oliveo.

Lupo wines are produced in some of Italy’s most distinctive and unique regions and are made from some of Italy’s most interesting grape varieties.

The Lupo winemaker, Alessandro, has sourced grapes like Falanghina, Fiano and Greco from the volcanic hillside vineyards of Campania to produce wines that are aromatic, zesty and dry and which have the wonderfully distinctive mineral character.

For the red wines Alessandro moved firstly to the rolling hills of Tuscany to source some of the best Sangiovese grapes grown throughout the region to produce one of Italy’s most famous red wines. He then travelled to Puglia where, on old vines, he could find the fruity Negroamaro grapes.


 Veneto, the home of our Prosecco, is a region in the north of Italy with mountains to the north and the Adriatic Sea to the east. We have sourced the Villa Grada wines due to their vineyard locations, terroir and quality of grapes.

The Glera grapes are grown above sea level, which give us a Prosecco rich in fruity notes, elegance and floral fragances.



  • Villa Grada Prosecco DOC (Spumante)
  • Villa Grada Premio (Prosecco Superiore)

The Clementine vineyards climb the hillsides near the wild Atlantic coast of South Africa’s Western Cape, a land where it’s possible to produce high quality wines.

The landscape has changed and interspersed with the fruit trees and the distinctively low, crouching shapes of bush vines. The cool breezes that come up from the coast give great conditions for grapes to ripen in, much cooler than inland areas. This lets the grapes ripen slowly and gives them time to develop complex flavours.

The Founder’s Reserve range has been carefully selected to showcase the high quality of wines from this cooler up-and-coming region, with 99% of the fruit coming from bush vines, which give lower yields of more intensely flavoured fruit.