We have over 40 years experience in sourcing, producing and marketing quality wines all over the world. Our efficient service and understanding of your wine market is an invaluable strength in creating the most successful wines. Whether it is sourcing premium wines from small domaines or finding large volumes of a great value entry level wine, we have the sourcing and production capabilities to help you develop your portfolio and increase sales.

We work through every stage of production from the vineyard to the ageing and bottling, through to branding and marketing of the wines on the international marketplace. The commercial needs and methods of business are different all over the world. That is why you get a solution specific to your needs when you work with us, whatever the size and shape of your company. High service levels, flexibility and quick response times give you the ability to deliver quality onward service to your customers.


We are driven to discover new producers and develop under-represented regions and grape varieties. We look to introduce the world’s most dynamic winemakers and wineries onto the market. Find out more about some of our own production such as Bijou.
We are geared towards the International market places: working with all types of business from independent retailers to regional and national wholesalers to the largest supermarkets. We are experienced and flexible enough to efficiently service every size and shape of business within the wine trade.
Wines, labels, closures, cartons and all aspects of packaging and logistics can be tailored to a large variety of needs. Our customer base covers 5 continents where we supply wines to over 40 countries worldwide.


Good wine is dependent on a healthy environment and all our wineries are committed to keeping the soil, air and water around them as clean as possible. Some use organic methods, most use little or no pesticides and all are dedicated to protecting the environment in any way they can. A number of our French growers are HEV Level 3 certified.

HEV (High Environmental Value) is a certification that takes into account 4 key areas: biodiversity conservation, plant protection strategy, management of fertiliser use and management of water. Sustainability is an important aspect to our sourcing and we work partners who hold the same values in regards to sustainability as we do.

We recognise our responsibility as part of the global wine trade to protect and preserve the environment for future generations. Our key priorities are to reduce, reuse, recycle and redesign in order to use less energy and help protect the environment. We encourage all our customers and producers to recycle all packaging, and recycle 100% ourselves.