Vinēdos Marchiguë

Viñedos Marchigüe is situated on the western end of the Colchagua Valley; an area that is blessed with a unique climate and predominantly clay soils. Since establishing the vineyards in 1994 the Errazuriz Ovalle family were careful to assess and develop four key areas within the estate to grown their most premium grapes. They now have fourteen different red varietals planted on their estate and in full production whilst the white grapes are grown in the Curicó Valley to maximise the versatility of the soil in this region.

The vineyards of Marchigüe, with their western exposure, benefit from a wonderful microclimate with long sunny days and dry winds alternating with cool nights as a result of their proximity to the Pacific Ocean. This diversity of terroir allows for the production of some truly pure examples of classic varietals with a Chilean twist that really shows the spirit of the land and the soul of the grapes. From the Marchigüe Private Collection to the Marchiqüe Libre and Tricyclo we are sure you will find the perfect Chilean wine to fill the gap in your portfolio.