Cantina Cardeto is one of the best known wineries in Umbria. They have probably the top winemaking team in the region and produce classic Umbrian wines of great distinction. They are blazing a trail for the superb red wines made from Sangiovese and Cabernet Franc that are being produced in this region just to the south of the more renowned vineyards of Tuscany.

However, it is the whites that are the real glory of this area and for which Cardeto is famous. The rust coloured tufa-cliffs upon which the stunning Umbrian hill-town of Orvieto is perched practically overhang the winery and all about are scattered the vineyards that grow the grapes for this Umbrian classic. Indigenous Italian classics such as Grechetto, Trebbiano, Malvasia, Verdelho and Procanico fill the vineyards and when blended together create the central Italian classic white wine, Orvieto.

Whilst Pinot Grigio may be the current favourite the classic flavours of a dry Orvieto make it the ideal Pinot Grigio alternative for the discerning consumer. The DOC wines of Orvieto provide the perfect upgrade for those looking for a wine with a similar flavour profile to Pinot Grigio but with more complexity and a fascinating heritage.

Cantina Cardeto is the largest producer of Orvieto wine, responsible for about 35% of the entire production. There are 350 members in the co-operative, farming a combined 830 ha and producing 5.5 million bottles per year. The winery has capacity for 10 million bottles a year.

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