Cantarranas is produced by Cuatrorayas, the largest co-operative winery in Rueda, producing over 20% of the wine bottled in the DO region with an annual production level of 11 million bottles.

Protected by the fertile waters of the Duero rover, Rueda is situated at an altitude of between 700 and 850 metres and is subject to long, cold winters short springs with late frosts and hot summers. The secret of producing crisp, dry but beautifully intense white wines is the difference between the day time and night time temperatures. This gives a balance between the sugar – which the vine produces thanks to the sun – and the acidity which is maintained by the low nightly temperatures.

Among its 2100 ha the winery had a small portion of centuries old vineyards which are planted with bush vine and largely pre-phylloxera. This area, with understandably smaller output, is completely hand harvested. From these vines come the best grapes for producing Rueda with the Verdejo grape variety the key to producing the highest quality, zesty Rueda with distinctive mineral notes.

The Cantarranas wines come from the Pago de Cantarranas vineyard while the hundred year old vines produce a stunning wine known as ‘Azumbre’ a wine that the winemaker keeps as his own pet project and top expression of old vine Verdejo.