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Bodegas Bocopa

In 1987 a group of local cooperative wineries joined forces to form Bogedas Bocopa. Until this point Alicante was only really considered as an area for mass production of bulk wine however the team at Bodegas Bocopa could see the potential and quality of the wines they were producing. They took the brave decision to turn their backs on bulk production and concentrate on producing high quality bottled wine and this turned out to be a pivotal decision for the company’s future setting them up as the regions leading producer of quality wine.

With a vested interest in sustainability Bodegas Bocopa have become a pioneer in the fields of wine and grape production and since 1996 they have been carrying out research into transforming the vines, the growing process and organic wine production. They were the first to do this and have now become recognised as a world leader in the “Bio” wine market ever since.

Pivotal to the Bodegas Bocopa range are Marina Alta and Alcanta. In 1993 they launched Marina Alta a delightfully aromatic white wine made from the Muscat of Alexandria grape variety which against the odds surprised locals and strangers alike by taking the gold medal at Vinexpo in its year of launch. The hugely popular Alcanta range epitomises the quality of wine production from Alicante and focuses on low yield, old vine Monastrell for its reds.


Gold Medal

  • Laudum Roble, Berliner Wein Trophy 2016

2016 World Wine Championships by (part of the Beverage Testing Institute, USA: ‘Fair, impartial wine reviews for consumers)


Silver Medal

  • Laudum Roble
  • Laudum Tinto
  • Laudum Chardonnay
  • Castillo de Alicante Tinto
  • Marina Alta